Portland Limestone Cement (PKZ)
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Portland Limestone Cement (PKZ)

Portland limestone Cement is mixture of Clinker, limestone and gypsum that mixes and grinds in the mill with other in identified. This Cement was produced for the first time in France in 1979 according to European standard EN 197-1 and follow in other Cement factories in other countries specially Germany, produced mass production of this type Cement. While regular Portland Cement may contain up to 5% limestone, Portland Limestone Cement is manufactured by intergrinding Portland Cement Clinker with between 6% and 15% limestone. The Clinker used to make Portland Limestone Cement is the same Clinker used to manufacture regular Portland Cement.

Portland Limestone Cement, Iran Portland-Limestone-Cement


The performance of Portland Limestone Cement is dependent on the quality of the limestone. Accordingly, limestone used in Portland Limestone Cement is tested for calcium carbonate content, clay content and total organic carbon content. Portland Limestone Cement performance specifications are similar to those of regular Portland Cement in that it must meet the same physical requirements.

Energy Savings and Reduced Emissions

The introduction of Portland Limestone Cement to North America represents a proactive step by both the Cement and concrete industries to help mitigate climate change. Manufacturing Portland Limestone Cement results in up to 10% less CO2 emissions as compared to manufacturing regular Portland Cement.

Portland Limestone Cement Standard Tests

The following table contains standard tests for Portland Limestone Cement. MGT Mineral Company can provide all necessary trading relationship to export Portland Limestone Cement with these characteristics. 

Portland Limestone Cement
Component ISIRI 389 Iranian standard test result
SiO2 *** 18.30
Al2O3 *** 4.19
Fe2O3 *** 3.06
CaO *** 63.50
MgO <5 1.24
SO3 <3.5 2.52
L.O.I <12 6.80
In.R *** 0.60
K2O *** 0.43
Na2O *** 0.29
Cl <0.1 0.06
Free CaO *** 1.3
Blaine(Cm2/gr) >3000 3146
Setting time Initial (min) >75 120
Final (min) <480 180
Expansion (autoclave) % <0.8 0.07
2 day *** 155
3 day >120 210
7 day >200 337
28 day >300 422

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