Walnut Shell
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 Walnut Shell & Pistachio Shell

MGT Mineral Company as a major producer, supplier and exporter of several minerals and materials in the Middle East, is located in Iran. MGT Mineral Company has a lot of experience in exporting and is active in case of Walnut Shell and Pistachio Shell supplying.

Walnut Shell

Walnut Shell abrasive is a fibrous and hard product made from crushed Walnut shells in accordance with International Trade Standard. Walnut shell has a unique property. It can clean surfaces without damaging the underlying original exterior. Ground into several grits from extra fine to extra course, walnut shell has many uses from Graffiti removal to polishing gem stones. Walnut shell blasting is ideal for removing paint from an automobile or boat because it will not pit the surface. A pressure blasting machine is used to spray walnut shell under pressure through a nozzle to clean a surface. Walnut shell is gentle enough to use in cosmetics as a common abrasive in face scrub.

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Advantages of Walnut Shells

  • Wide range of grades available, including custom orders
  • Gentle: clean surfaces without damaging underlying material
  • Porous: can be used to absorb contaminants
  • Organic: renewable
  • 100% silica-free
  • Re-usable
Physical Properties of Walnut Shell
Colour Light Brown
Bulk Density (dry packing) 320 Kg/m3
Specific Gravity 1.2 – 1.4 g/cm3
Grain Shape Sub-Angular to Angular
Solubility in Water insoluble
Hardness 3 – 4 Mohs

Walnut Shell is available in more than 15 sizes. This is a common size classification for Walnut Shell:

•6 – 12 Mesh (coarse)

•12 – 20 Mesh (medium)

•18 – 40 Mesh (fine)


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Usage of Walnut Shell in Oil & Gas Industries

In oil and gas well drilling, lost circulation is the partial or complete loss of drilling fluids when the drill bit encounters natural fractures or caverns causing the drilling fluids to flow into this newly available space.

The consequences of lost circulation range from minimal loss to a complete blowout and loss of life. Thus lost circulation control is of great importance.

•Walnut Shells may be used to treat an entire system in re-circulated fluids or in pill form with fibrous and flake material.

•The fine grade of Walnut Shells can be circulated through a 20-mesh shale shaker screen.

•Walnut Shells are an inert, non-toxic, biodegradable additive that is compatible with all types and densities of fluids.

Other Usages of Walnut Shell

Industrial Applications

•Ground Walnut Shell Blast media for paint stripping & coatings removal

•Effective on boats, buildings, bridges, outdoor statuaries, cars, graffiti removal

•Blast cleaning for aircraft engine cleanout & steam turbines

•De-flashing parts in electronics industries

•De-burring in plastics and aluminum & zinc die casting industries

•Excellent media for wheel blasting, air blasting and tumbling operations

•Additional Industrial Uses:

•Non-skid & anti-slip solution for decks, swimming pools, walkways & boat

•A filler prior to burnout – a porosity enhancer for grinding wheels and ceramics

•Oil well drilling operations to prevent lost circulation


•Preserves gel-coat when removing paint from fiberglass boats


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Pistachio Shell

Iran as a prominent name in dried fruit industry, is reputed for its unique Persian Pistachio. Iran has lots of Pistachio orchards, and it is not an inappropriate claim that Iran is one of the best Pistachio Shell supplier in the world. MGT Mineral Company has great trading relationship with most of Pistachio Shell producers in Iran. MGT Mineral Company can provide all necessary conditions for Pistachio Shell exporting.

Pistachio Shell Usages

Iranian researchers used pistachio shell to produce a new type of nano composite which has high tensile strength. According to the researchers, the nanocomposite can be used in the building industry, and it is resistant to humidity, loss of color and various types of fungi and insects.

In this research, pistachio shell powder was used as the filler of a heavy polyethylene matrix. In addition, nanoclay (cloisite 20A) and optical stabilizers were added and studied for their effect on the composite’s tensile properties, impact, loss of color and resistance to weathering.

The greatest advantage of using the shells in a plastic wood composite is its enhanced compatibility with the environment. Such composites are made from bits of wood combined with recycled plastic materials, and offer less maintenance cost in comparison with raw wood. It also has high resistance against decay, fungi and insects.

Practical uses of Pistachio Shell include as a fire starter, just as kindling material would be used with crumpled paper; for retention and drainage of soil for up to two years; as a mulch for plants and shrubs that require acid soils; and as an additive to a compost pile designed for wood items that take longer to decompose than leafy materials, taking up to a year for Pistachio Shells to decompose unless soil is added to the mix. Shells from salted Pistachios can also be placed around the base of plants to deter slugs and snails. Many craft uses for the Shells include holiday tree ornaments, jewelry, mosaics, and rattles. Research indicates that Pistachio Shells may be helpful in cleaning up pollution created by mercury emissions.

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